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About Miami Auto Broker


Welcome to Miami Auto Broker. Be sure to visit our virtual showroom  of inventory available for purchase. We sell over $15 million worth of luxury car inventory a year of hand picked vehicles. There you will see detailed information about each vehicle, a picture gallery, as well as convenient ways to contact us for more information about that vehicle. We are located at 1919 NW 19th St Suite 206 Florida 33311 and are available by phone toll-free at 877-443-2580 or office at 305-477-1777  . You can also get driving directions  and  hours of service from our user friendly website.

We have combined experience in the industry that the Miami Auto Broker Management Team has been perfecting our "Buying on Demand" Program. We would like to share a few things that we have learned over the years...


  • Beware "Too Good To Be True" internet prices.  You have heard the cliche, right?  Listen to it. The internet is over run by scams.  Simply put....Nobody should be selling cars less than Miami Auto Broker.  There is no cheaper source for off-lease, clean history cars than dealer only wholesale auctions and nobody sells them with a smaller mark-up than we do.  I can't tell you how many people we have seen get lured in and completely burned by internet scams.  Either the had been severely wrecked or sometimes there is no car at all.
  • Beware of unlicensed and therefore unregulated broker or locator services.  Ask for a copy of their dealer license.  Make sure they can be held accountable and have a stellar reputation.
  • Regardless of who you purchase from, insist on an independent pre-purchase inspection.  Carfax is a great start, but they do miss accidents sometimes.  From time to time, we witness cars being sold that have announced frame damage from a major accident yet they still have a clean Carfax history report.  Unethical dealers will buy these cars at a huge discount and attempt to sell them as clean cars at a temptingly low price.  Everything we buy goes through a Post-Sale Inspection before the car or truck even leaves the auction property.  For your piece of mind, we go one step further and back our cars up with our unmatched "3 Day/300 Mile Money Back Buyer Guarantee"
  • Despite what you may have heard about auctions, there are thousands of pristine cars sold everyday at wholesale prices.  All used car dealers buy the vast majority of their inventory at auction.  It is true that some abused and wrecked cars sell at auction, but that is not what we buy.

Here are a few things you should know about us...

  • We have sold over 3,000 luxury vehicles via our nationwide "Purchase on Demand" program
  • We have shipped cars to all 50 states, Canada, Germany, Holland, Russia, Africa, and the Caribbean.
  • We are a fully license and bonded dealership in perfect standing with the state.
  • We offer free Carfax Vehicle History Reports (upon request) for all our vehicles.
  • Most of vehicles we purchase are still under factory warranty and that warranty transfers automatically.
  • We have excellent extended warranties available at competitive prices.
  • We can arrange financing with approved credit.  In some cases we can get customers financed with a 580 or better credit score.
  • We only purchase clean title, Carfax certified, clean history cars and we back them up with our unmatched "3 Day/300 Mile Buyer Guarantee".

Why are we better than traditional dealerships?

  • Lower Price-  We buy our cars from the same source and pay the same prices but our quick turnover and ultra-low overhead allows us to sell for thousands of dollars less.  At traditional dealerships, the costs of employing a large staff, and carrying a large inventory are passed on to you in the form of higher prices on comparable cars.

  • Bigger Selection-   Instead of being limited to what is in inventory(maybe 100-200 cars at the biggest used car dealerships) we have access to thousands and thousands of cars 24/7. Don't settle for less, get exactly what you want.
  • Convenience-  Instead of driving from dealer to dealer for a close match, we will ship a perfect match right to your home, office or mechanic.  Quit wasting your time driving from dealer to dealer and being disappointed by their limited selection or sub-par inventory of vehicles.  Surely you have something you would rather do with your free time.
  • Piece of Mind-  Everything we buy undergoes a Pre-bid inspection and a Post-Sale Inspection before the car or truck even leaves the auction.  Then, once you receive the vehicle, we back it with our unmatched "3 Day/300 Mile Buyer Guarantee".  We only purchase clean title, Carfax Certified, clean history vehicles.  Upon request we will gladly provide you with a free Carfax Vehicle History Report for any of our vehicles.

Why are we better than other "Purchase on Demand" or locator services?

  • Bigger Selection-  Other locator services are very limited geographically and usually only purchase within 100-200 miles of their location.  Over the years Miami Auto Broker staff has built a nationwide network of competent inspectors.  We can have a trusted inspector physically evaluate virtually any car in the country before we bid on it.  This allows us to pursue only the best of the best pre-owned vehicles.
  • More Experience-  Our buying team has successfully closed over 3,000 deals via our nationwide "Purchase on Demand" program and we have many years of experience in the industry.  We will give you access to our inside market knowledge and advise you of where we should cap our bidding, basing this advice on numerous variables (color combo, condition, options, history, previous wholesale transactions, etc...).
  • Lower Prices-  Prices vary from auction to auction, sometimes by significant margins.  By constantly monitoring every auction across the country, we wait for the lowest possible price.
  • Accountability-  We are a fully licensed dealership and closely regulated by the state.  We know are reputation is our most valuable asset and we will protect it at any cost.
  • Fast low Priced Shipping-  We strive to have fast and low priced shipping methods available via a nationwide network of licensed and insured transport companies.
  • Quality Control-   Everything we buy undergoes a Pre-bid inspection and a Post-Sale inspection before the car even leaves the auction.  Then, once you receive the vehicle, we back it up with our unmatched "3 Day/300 Mile Buyer Guarantee".  We only purchase clean title, Carfax certified, clean history cars.


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